Too, too tired

All day at ski school may mean we can spend the day skiing on our own… but so far this evening it has meant enduring an overly-tired cranky four year old.

She started crying when we got back to the hotel room because she had to take a bath. Then she got in trouble (and cried) because she ran out of the room with her friends… who are six years old… without asking me if she could go or telling me where she was going. (I was in the bathroom undressed after my shower, so I couldn’t exactly chase her.) Now she is crying because Bill dragged her upstairs for time out because she was talking back to him. And she keeps saying she wants to go to dinner.. and we keep telling her if she’d just stop crying then we could go but you cannot go to dinner if you are a screaming mimi.

I guess tomorrow we’ll have to pick her up earlier from ski lessons.

Oh… well.

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