good day

I managed to have two conversations today in French. One on the phone. That qualifies today as a good day.

At school, I finally got up the nerve to speak to one of the French mothers. The parents’ group had sent home a note asking for Christmas decorations for the school’s booth at the Christmas market this Saturday. Today I asked one of the group leaders if they still needed anything. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was huge for me. Talking to these people is intimidating.

Then this afternoon, I had to call the VW dealership to make an appointment to take Bill’s car in while he’s gone. It needs service and that wasn’t lighting a fire under me to get the job done. But this morning my French teacher read a recall letter we’d gotten… saying that the car could possibly catch fire. So I called. And managed to make the appointment and reserve a loaner (ok, rental) car for the day. Not too shabby.

Of course, this feeling of triumph ignores the conversation I had this morning. While Kaitlyn and I were getting out of the car, I noticed one of the dads staring at my front tires. There is now a big black disk covering the center of the hubcaps. Understandably, he wanted to know what the heck those were. But in trying to explain to him that they are for a different kind of tire chain Bill bought for me, I was stumped by the word chain. Told him it’s for when it snows. “Ah,” he said. “Pour les chaines.”

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Aahhh, the joy of communications! Congratulations on your successes using French. It mujst feel good to pull it off!

    fyi, the typing on your blog magically again starts at the top of the page, unlike the last few weeks where it was way down on the page. At least for me.

  2. Raila says:

    Congratulations of your good day and the conversations you had in french! 🙂 It’s more than I can say for myself, who has just moved to St Martin two months ago…

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