think you understand? nevermind!

My head was all pumped up after my all-in-French ski renting experience… but some little kid managed to burst my bubble and bring me back to reality.

After the ski rental and before dragging Kaitlyn to Carrefour, I took her to McDonalds for lunch. (Yuck). Again, I conducted the ordering in French. Ok, chicken nuggets is English, but I used the French words when appropriate.

Once we’d eaten, I went to the McCafe and ordered a fancy coffee and let Kaitlyn climb and jump around the playland. (A coffee served to me in a proper glass made of, well, glass… and delivered to my table) I sat outside braving the cold wind to drink my coffee and attempt to read one of those weekly papers that just tells about movies playing, etc. (Found out there’s a big chocolate show this weekend in town… gotta find someone who likes chocolate to go!)

I finally gave up on sitting outside, downed the warm drink, and sat reluctantly inside the playland. (They are often smelly and loud and just icky.) A little boy who looked a little younger than Kaitlyn rushed up to the woman sitting next to me and gushed out a question. I had no idea what he said. I was so glad he wasn’t the one trying to rent me skis.

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