Getting our zzzzzz’s… and more!

Tonight for the first time in so long I cannot remember any different, Kaitlyn fell asleep in her own room, in her own bed, all by herself without saying “will you sleep with me?” or getting out of bed even once, let alone the usual three-thousand times.

Oh, this morning, our sea shipment came.

I think she finally feels like everything is ok.

Although at some point in the day she became completely obsessed with getting her plastic sword. Over and over she asked where her sword was. We’d take her out to the garage and show her the giant pile of boxes and say it’s in one of these, we’ll find it. Then she’d cry and ask where her sword was. Bill is such a good Daddy, he went through the boxes labeled “toys” until he found it. Luckily, he only had to open about half a dozen.

We have all been, in our own ways, on pins and needles waiting for the shipment to arrive. It definitely signals “hey, this is where you live now.” Until today, it all felt like some sort of wacky, drawn out vacation.

Not to say that getting our stuff into our house was as easy as the movers bringing in some boxes. Oh, no!

First, they had to wait for the container to arrive at the bottom of the hill. That truck was too big to traverse our windy, not-really-more-than-one-lane road. Two guys would take the smaller truck down to the bigger truck, unload from our sea container into the truck, drive that up the hill, unload from that truck into our garage with the help of a third guy, then two would go back for more stuff while the poor third guy schlepped stuff from the garage into the house. It took three small truckloads to bring all the stuff up the hill. They have to come back tomorrow to bring the last garage-load into the house. They laughed at the number of boxes we said went into the bathroom and they finally said there was no more room in the kitchen for any more. I spent the evening unpacking the boxes that had filled the kitchen and made one very troubling discovery: the kitchen here is not very big! I was so tired and so frustrated, but I had to finish so tomorrow they can drag the last few kitchen boxes in for me.

The rental furniture won’t be picked up until next week. Whatever. Bill and I can drag it into the garage. Tonight when he got home from work (at 9pm) he put our bed together then carried the rental bed into the garage. I was never so happy to see that big ol’ bed of ours. When I found the two boxes marked “MBR pillows” I nearly ripped them open with my teeth I wanted to get to those pillows so badly! I positively cannot wait to climb into my own bed and put my head down on my own pillow and hopefully, finally get a real good night’s sleep. Lately I have been having rather troubling nightmares that wake me up and keep me up. The other night I dreamt that Kaitlyn was missing. Then I dreamt that we were going on our cruise and while we were waiting to board the ship the whole thing just tipped over on its side. Tonight, hopefully I’ll dream of French words for bedroom and couch… and home.

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