Kaitlyn est malade

If falling asleep less than a minute after your favorite movie starts is any indication, then Kaitlyn is really pretty sick. She’s sleeping on the couch with Mulan on the tv.

When I picked her up from school today the teacher told me that Kaitlyn had thrown up after lunch. Well, she told me this in French and doesn’t know the English word for vomit so she acted it out. I got the point. Then she handed me a bag with Kaitlyn’s dirty tights and shoes (they’re new and they’re suede. now, they’re trash). There was also some other kid’s scarf that Kaitlyn barfed on. I will remember this if she ever comes home with someone else’s barf on her stuff… the guilty party is responsible for the washing! At least she didn’t throw up on someone else’s suede shoes.

I’m kind of bothered by the fact that the school didn’t call me after she got sick, but waited until the end of the day to let me know. The teacher said that Kaitlyn told her she felt better after she threw up… but once we got out to the sidewalk Kaitlyn had to throw up again. We made it to a pile of leaves far away from everyone before she did. When I offered her a barf bag for the car ride home she got really insulted.

She wasn’t the only sick kid at school today. Something is going around. But keeping her there all afternoon to spread it even more seems bizarre to me. We’ll see how she feels in the morning. I’ll decide then if I’ll keep her germs at home or send them to class.

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