I’m so tired!

I give up on getting a good night’s sleep.

At 3:20am, someone called our house. On our French phone. (we have two: a French phone and a Vonage phone) I ran to answer it thinking that if someone was calling at that time there must be a real emergency. I picked up right after the answering machine did. The person hung up. Didn’t even have the courtesy to apologize for dialing the wrong number in the middle of the night! I have some choice English words for the clumsy dialer.

I tried and tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. After about an hour of lying in bed, I finally went back downstairs and turned on the tv. I got the Slingbox to connect but couldn’t control it, so I watched The Biggest Loser with whoever at my brother’s house watches it. Then Kaitlyn got up and came down with me. I convinced her to go upstairs and snuggle with her daddy. I crawled back into bed and was just dozing off when my alarm clock went off.

I finally got back to sleep. And I didn’t get up till nearly 1 in the afternoon. Great, now I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight!

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