4 days and counting…

Today is Wednesday. We leave Sunday for France. In 4 days we become ex-pats. And I’m just positive we won’t be ready. Well, that I won’t be ready. But today I had an amazing revelation about this whole international moving thing. No matter how long I have to prepare, when the time comes I will STILL not be ready. There will STILL be closets yet to be cleaned out, drawers to be organized, clothes to be sorted, items to be bought. There will STILL be people to call, email or visit. Lunches to be eaten. Laughs to share.

Time is up for most of those things. The movers have packed just about everything in our house. They left an interesting array of items that will ride to France in the same box… some plastic vegetable pieces, an egg beater with a smiling egg on the bottom, a bathroom wastebasket. Today, they pulled away with a truck filled with all the things we aren’t taking with us. Tomorrow, the rest will be gone – headed to France. All that will be left in our house is dirt, a few cleaning products and food we have to get rid of. Oh, and brouchures begging house hunters to buy ours.

Bill says my problem is I am not good at planning; I am good at putting out fires. This seems like one big fire and I have no idea how to attack it. All I can do is run around setting even more fires, hoping to just stop this one in its tracks. I hope when it’s all said and done I’m not too burned.

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