rather alone

Some days it is so lonely living here in France. I suppose in some ways it isn’t much lonelier than when you move anywhere. But here, it is just not that easy to go out and do things.

This morning, I remembered the big notebook we were given when we were here on our house hunting trip. It is filled with information… four pages of stuff to do with children. But those four pages are about the only four entirely in French. So now if I want to find out about those things (and I do) I have to sit with my French dictionary and try to translate each thing.

I guess another problem is that in any language I am not an outgoing person. I’m simply not prone to make the first move and here that is so vital to survival. I am going to have to work on doing things I am just not used to doing. Ok, I just stopped writing to go to the ISE web site and post a message asking if anyone wanted to join Kaitlyn and me for some kiddie activity while school is out… details tbd. We’ll see if anyone responds.

I thought getting the internet would be great. It hasn’t been so much, really. Sure, I get to read my cartoons now. But even e-mail correspondence is spotty. It’s as if even though I’m living in France, I have nothing to tell people. Hey, today I vacuumed the house two times and did one load of laundry, Kaitlyn pooed in her underwear twice, I killed a dozen flies, the house got too hot but I refused to open the windows because of all those said flies (I don’t even know how they got in), I got excited when I found out our sea shipment arrives Monday but then got mad when Bill didn’t even seem to have read the text message I sent him when I was so excited about it and he didn’t even seem to care, I’ve nearly finished the only book I have here in English, I’m yet to figure out how to order anything from Amazon.com, I tried to pay Kaitlyn’s tuition but the school sent it back because I’d forgotten to sign the check (duh), I laid down to make Kaitlyn take a nap and I fell asleep. That’s what my day is like. I hardly think anyone would care. I barely care.

The worst thing is Bill really doesn’t understand. He goes to work and his days are so busy he barely can get everything done. He talks to people and gets to make jokes and eat lunch with grown-ups and mostly only hear about the poopy underwear.

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