What I’d do for some Stove Top stuffing….

I am becoming one of those people I used to make fun of. I am becoming one of those people who drives all over the area to find different foods. I am even starting a mental list of foods I want to bring back from the US when we visit. I mean… we live in France. Food capitol of the world. But the lack of cheddar cheese is a serious issue!

Today is exactly what I mean. I met a friend for lunch… strategically eaten downtown so that I could go to the Irish store. Yes, Grenoble has a store of Irish merchandise. You can go there to pay too much for a wool sweater, or you can go there to pay too much for “Irish” foods. They were all out of Shredded Wheat (and so am I… dang it!) but they did have molasses. I need it for a recipe I found for North Carolina style barbeque.

Someone told me another store I can go to to find black beans. There’s still another one where I can find Indian papadams. The store that has Grape Nuts moved them from the American aisle to the cereal aisle, which is why I thought they’d stopped carrying them. They also have Dr Pepper for those who crave that stuff. I need to go back to the Italian market I was told carries Philadelphia cream cheese. Luckily it is right near the veggie store with good corn on the cob. (and okra) If I ever come across a store with canned pumpkin I may faint. Then when I wake up, I’ll buy every can they have, no matter what it costs.

We are amazingly still working our way through the cases of microwave popcorn we got last fall. But Kaitlyn has eaten all the Pop Tarts sent to us just a few weeks ago. I have a couple boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese stashed where I don’t think she’ll find them. (those were a thank you for bunny sitting) I used the last of my Bisquick tonight to make strawberry shortcakes. (I figured it was probably the last decent batch of strawberries we’ll get this year, so they deserved a special treatment.)

I have two jars of Miracle Whip in the pantry given to us by another ISE who got them from still another ISE who moved back to the United States. She’d gotten them in Germany. I’m afraid to open them because they are past their expiration date. But they are such a prized possession, I cannot bring myself to throw them away, either.

What’s on my list of things to buy in the US? Ranch dressing. So I can make buffalo chicken. And red pepper flakes. I cannot find those anywhere. I think canned pumpkin would be too heavy for the suitcase.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    A tradition of hand-me-down mayonnaise. Hmmm.

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