Kaitlyn and the ‘puter

Oh, isn’t it cute… Kaitlyn has figured out how to use the mouse on the computer. I thought her acquiring that skill would be liberating for me. No longer would I be trapped playing Mickey Mouse or Big Bird games while she gleefully cheered me on. No…. Kaitlyn’s ability to use the mouse means that she can play all by herself and I am free to do other things. Bill even created her own log-in to my computer so that she can’t accidentally erase stuff off my laptop. Great. Except that now if one of the other things I would like to do involves using my computer… I can’t. (notice he didn’t create her log in on his computer!)

Now instead of being used for writing, exchanging email or reading comic strips on line my poor PC is stuck cranking out Handy Manny music while Kaitlyn claps at her amazing ability to help Pat the Hammer when he is lost.

As Kaitlyn would say…. it isn’t fair!

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Buy Kaitlyn her own computer. (The last time I suggested something like that it became a gift idea for a holiday, so I best be careful)

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