*warning: Julie don’t read this one, either*

My Poste pride has turned to shipping sorrow. Today, the mail lady returned to me the box of wine I’d shipped to Julie last week. It has a big orange sticker: rejected by the FDA. Great.

This is going to make sending Christmas gifts home a lot more challenging than I’d anticipated. (not that everyone should have been expecting a bottle of wine) I’m certainly not suggesting I would lie about the contents of a box so it would get to its destination… but there must be a better way of filling out the form than the way I’d done it. Hopefully, others who have shipped on Christmases Past can help me out. Otherwise, everyone will just have go get their presents when they come visit. I’ll wrap them all and keep them in a bin in the storage area for collection at a later date.

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  1. Julie says:

    I will try to skip over the Birthday gift. (Thank you). I am so excited that your website is up & running. I look forward to reading. Take care and miss you all so much!

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