La premiere jour en maternelle moyen

Today was the first day of school.

Amazingly, Kaitlyn and I got up on time. She still wanted to wear the outfit she picked out last night. She was happy and cooperative. She ate her oatmeal and put on her shoes and put on her backpack; she was really anxious to go back to school. (I must be that boring)

I’d been told that the first day of school is something of an “event” here. The place was crawling with Dads carrying cameras (and camcorders). I hadn’t even suggested to Bill that he be late to work to go. For one thing, I figured if he were there Kaitlyn would want him to stay. For another, I didn’t believe it was that big a thing.

Kaitlyn was a little bit disappointed when I led her into the same classroom she was in last year. I’ve spent the last few days telling her how she’s such a big girl that she’s moving to the big girl class this year. I had warned her that it was a big girl class in the same room and with the same teacher… but that reality didn’t sink in until we walked in. Once she found her hook and hung up her backpack, though, she was fine. She squeaked out a bonjour to the teacher, who was thrilled by it! Then she sat down to color and gave me a kiss and pretty much wanted me to leave.

I felt a little guilty going to the grocery store alone and being so happy to do so. (I also felt a little like a loser for having a solo trip to the grocery store be such a big deal) Lunch was kinda lonely sitting here all alone. But I got a lot of housework done. And now I have a little time to sit and relax before going to pick her up. I kind of miss her being around. Tomorrow she eats lunch at home. We’ll see how that goes!

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  1. Debbie says:

    You shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying going to the store alone. From what I hear other mothers say, that is VERY normal!

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