Lions and Tigers and Bears… not quite

Right now, our house could easily be mistaken for a pet store.

                There is a hamster, a turtle and a bunny all bunking here while their families are off to far-flung places, probably enjoying either cooler temperatures or whole-house air conditioning. )(Maybe I’m trying too hard to be friendly?)

                The turtle doesn’t do much. And his food smells to high heaven. It’s awful stuff. I need to change the water in this tank and rinse off his little rocks, but I don’t want to touch him to get him out.

                The hamster is a crapping machine. All he does is poop. And pee. He seems most delighted to perform these functions inside his tube thingie. He has a little exercise ball you can put him into outside his cage. All he does in it is instantly poop then spin the ball around, flinging the poop all around it. It is gross.

                The bunny is the best guest. She likes to be pet. She isn’t too crazy about being held but will tolerate it for a few minutes. She has a leash and you can sort of walk her in the yard. But I found out the hard way that she hops really fast, so if you aren’t holding the leash you are stupid. The first evening she was at the house she took off and as I chased her I thought “how am I going to explain to her family that I let her hop off the very first day we had her?” Fortunately, I managed to snag the leash and I won’t be making that mistake again. Daisy is not quite as prolific a pooper as the hamster, so I do let her out of her cage to hop around the living room a little bit. She’s still a little freaked out and doesn’t really go far from the cage anyway. She has a litter box. All she does is sit in it. Or toss the litter all over the floor. We’re having a hard time explaining to Kaitlyn that it is not there to make sand castles with. Gross. We also found out the hard way that Bill is a little allergic to Daisy. He found that out after holding her on his lap. If he just lets her be and just picks her up and puts her down quickly, there’s no problem.

                    I sort of thought that the animals would help show Kaitlyn that it is a lot of work to have a pet. But I’m the one cleaning out poop filled cages, tubes and balls. I guess it goes to show that trying to make new friends can be shitty at times.

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