Flunch, anyone?

Filling summer days is already becoming something of a challenge. Filling them with something other than lying around the house, that is.

                So, today, Kaitlyn and I had a “girls day out.” That meant shopping and lunch after our French lessons.

                The shopping went pretty much as I’d expected. Kaitlyn ran through the store picking things out, refusing to make sure there were bottoms to go with the tops and vice versa. She also got a new, not especially needed, bathing suit. It has a little skirt that goes with it. But when her Daddy sees the suit… it’s her first bikini. I don’t think he’s ready for it.

                Lunch was something of an experience. We went to a place next door to the store. It’s called Flunch. Why Flunch? Who knows. It’s sort of France’s answer to a cafeteria. Because of some construction in the parking lot, we had to enter through a side door. That meant we went in where all the food is. But that isn’t supposed to be your first stop. First, you go get your trays and your salad and your dessert and your drink… then you pay… then you get your food. Kinda backwards to me. I discovered our mistake when Kaitlyn spotted the letter-shaped chicken nuggets and we tried to order. The nice guy behind the counter explained in politely slow French how it works.

                Taking a 4 year old and a big shopping bag to a place where you have to carry trays of food is not the wisest. Flunch has that all figured out. They have these carts that you put your trays on… you can stack four high (the lowest one being near your feet, the tallest one around waist level) and there’s even a hook for a bag. Handy!

                So we got our salads, our drinks, paid for our food and went back to where we’d started to get our lunches. It was ok. Nothing great. But, apparently something to write home about, huh?

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