marche pas

The problem with electric shutters is that they do not operate like garage door openers. If something is in the way when you close the shutter, the shutter just tries to close on it until it breaks.

                            This we now know because tonight one of our lawn chairs got in the way of the door. And now the door doesn’t work.

                            Bill is outside with a ladder, a screwdriver and a pissed-off disposition trying to repair the shutter. Because who knows what it will cost to get it fixed. And, of course, it’s the biggest shutter on the biggest sliding glass door we have.

                            Maybe he wouldn’t be so mad if it didn’t come on the heels of the news that the immoblier (rental agency/real estate agent) isn’t trying to FORCE us to accept a contract for 1000 Euros to pay for a gardener. I can think of a lot of things to spend 1000 Euros on…. taking care of someone else’s poorly prepared gardens isn’t one of them. It isn’t even on the bottom of the list.

                        Oh, and he stopped tonight on his way home from work to buy a second air conditioner… for the bedroom. He is finally tired of not being able to sleep. (I was willing to just sleep on the couch next to the a/c unit he bought yesterday for the living room.)

                        I’ll wait to mention that the lock on the mailbox doesn’t work right.

                        So, suddenly life in France is resembling life at home. Unpredictable. Expensive. Annoying. C’est la vie… partout on habite.

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