My two favorite letters: a and c

Why do people go on home leave for a month or more in the summer? To sit in their relatives’ air conditioned living rooms!

                        I know that for thousands of years, people lived without air conditioning. Super for them. I have not been one of them up until now. And I am glad to know at least this is a temporary condition. Although as I sit here suffering… it’s not temporary enough. I don’t even really know how hot it is because everything here is in Celsius. The cheap little thermometer Kaitlyn painted is sitting in the laundry room where it’s reporting a toasty 80 degrees. (It may have been cheap, but it does give both Celsius and Fahrenheit). And it’s cooler in there than in the family room. Or the bedrooms.

                    We got past the issue of not being able to open the windows because we live in bug-central when Bill found some screens at the French version of Home Depot. They don’t fit exactly well, he’s put them in place with some lovely black tape. But they don’t come big enough for our giant sliding doors (including the one in our bedroom… which means that window cannot be opened) and the others are slowly scooting out of place.

                        We have two little stand up fans. They shuffle the hot air around. It’s better than nothing.

                        Today the downstairs fan isn’t even doing that. Earlier, Kaitlyn shut it off. She likes pushing the buttons. Then I had to shut the French door it sits in front of anyway when I noticed a hornet or evil wasp or whatever it is on the inside of the screen. He’s trapped. But, kinda, so are we.

                        This morning Kaitlyn and I went downstairs to the room that we can’t quite figure out what to do with. It’s the guest room. The play room (but she’ll only play if you’re in it). The work out room. And it’s the only cool room in the house. I haven’t deflated the guest bed yet; I may not. I may have to start to sleep down there. Funny … in the middle of the afternoon the heat makes me doze off but at night it keeps me up. Why is that?

                        They do sell portable air conditioners. But to run them, you have to have your window open so that the drain tube has somewhere to drain. Maybe Bill can figure out how to run a tube into the bathtub or something. Otherwise, I’m going to buy two airline tickets and show up at someone’s doorstep looking for a/c. Consider yourselves warned!

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