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Ah, another fine Wednesday. I hope my whole summer doesn’t go like this. Kaitlyn hasn’t been bad, but we’ve spent this fine day at the house. It didn’t even get warm enough to bother to try the pool. Other people’s naps got in the way of two potential play dates. Gads.

                Besides, we were stuck here in the afternoon because not one but two people were coming to the house.

                One is the water heater guy, for the annual maintenance. (which we only found out about because of the repair job done earlier this month!)

                The other is a gardener who called me yesterday to say that the immoblier (realtor/rental agent) asked him to come give a quote for yard work. Great timing, I mowed the lawn yesterday!

                Amazingly, both were not only on time, but early.

                I was worried that the gardener had been sent not to quote but to actually work. Still, I didn’t bother to look up the word for quote or estimate. I just figured that if I saw him take out a rake, I’d tackle him. French people aren’t big, I could have done it. I think he could see my concern and managed to convey that he wasn’t going to DO anything today (or possibly ever – that’s a problem with the language. I cannot be sure) So I pointed out the ridiculous slope riddled with weeds that we’re supposed to keep clear. Impossible. He pointed out some weeds growing elsewhere. I just sort of shrugged. (That’s French for “yea, whatever) We’ll have to see what kind of crazy quote he comes up with. I wonder if he’ll send it to us or to the immoblier. She’s the one having a cow that the yard isn’t pristine. If she’s so upset by it, she can pay for the gardener!

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