Chartreuse.. a mystery

                Company has to mean a trip to the monks, their nasty green liquor and their silly 3-D movie. This morning, Todd and I spent the 2 euros and 20 cents in tolls to drive to the distillery tour for Chartreuse.

                Last time I went, I thought the guide spoke English. Maybe she did. This time, the guide didn’t. I did my best to catch phrases and do some quick, poor translating for Todd.

                That was a little disappointing. But the 3-d movie wasn’t. It was as cheesy as I remembered it being.

               For the tasting, Todd tackled a special brew of Chartreuse, made for one of its anniversaries. The guide warned us that it’s strong. The look on Todd’s face when he sipped it confirmed this is strong and, well, nasty stuff.

                    Later in the afternoon, we did a little research on the stuff… since we didn’t understand most of our tour. Learned that it’s mentioned in several songs, but don’t ask me the name of any now. Found out that farmers give it to their horses to relieve gas. I don’t know if that’s really a rousing endorsement. Although I haven’t felt bloated today….

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