Pilgrims and ISE’s…

Gobble, gobble.

Tonight was the ISE Thanksgiving dinner. The chef from Caterpillar roasted turkey, made mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn. The ISE’s brought stuffing (that’s what I made.. it can be done with day old baguettes), sweet potatoes, veggie trays, hummus, and pumpkin pie. It was complete. There were games and crafts for the little ones, so Kaitlyn was happy. She also enjoyed stuffing herself with tomatoes, potatoes and turkey. All things she still thinks are good finger foods. (note to self: you have to bring your own place settings. Next year bring dessert plates and milk for the coffee!)

Before we got to dig in, one of the ISE’s who has been here a while stood up and spoke. He had a presentation pointing out how the ISE’s are similar to the pilgrims. (watch it at http://boastteam.com/Thanksgiving2006/)  There were pictures of the mind-numbing house hunt, movers packing, the piles of boxes after unpacking, the confusion that can be Carrefour, the friends you make, the places you see… some just minutes from your door. It nearly made me cry, I’m such a sap. It made me thankful for having a room full of people who all understood everything we’ve been going through since we found out in June we were coming here. It made me thankful for the opportunity we’ve been given to see and learn so much more than most Americans ever get to. It made me thankful that our family in the US supported our decision to come here, and all plan to come visit. It made me thankful for Bill and Kaitlyn.

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  1. rachel says:

    I am actually talking about you all in my sermon tomorrow–just about being “resident aliens” living in one culture while citizens of another.

    miss you guys!!

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