Slingbox… pure genius!

When you ex-patriate, they should simply issue you a Slingbox. It’s sheer genius. With it, I can watch my brother’s television. Here.

                    Ok, so there is the matter of the 9 hour time difference.

                    Mostly, it works out fine. Kaitlyn gets to watch a little Noggin before dinner, which is the time that everyone is out of the house at work or school in California.

                    The other day when I had a migraine, I watched the Tonight Show in bed. Patrick was apparently doing the same thing at the same time. Cool!

                    Today, I sat down to catch up on some work and figured I’d watch a little tv while I was at it. At 12:30 here, no one should be watching tv there…. and no wonder. At 3:30am in Los Angeles there is NOTHING on any of the several hundred channels worth watching. I was really hoping for some HGTV. Instead, I settled for an old Tonight Show. Ah, I’m mostly listening anyway, so no big deal.

                    Then, all of a sudden, I hear the pop of the Tivo and its “now playing” menu comes on. Now I am watching my sister-in-law watch tv! I know it’s her because she gets up at some horrible time to go to work. I didn’t realize it was this horrible. I feel a little weird… like I’m spying on her. She doesn’t know that I’m watching. Maybe she’s going to watch something that she doesn’t want anyone to know she watches. Well, then she wouldn’t record it in the Tivo.

                    Now, I’m watching the Bachelor. Not a show I’ve ever watched. It’s like the last one with the girl gushing about how this is her last chance to let this dude know she totally is in love with him (honest, it’s him, not his helicopter or beach house in Hawaii). Then he goes on his “last date” with the “other” chick… and it goes away! Black! Nothing! I wait a few minutes, thinking maybe Julie has just paused it while she brushes her teeth or something. Sure, that doesn’t explain the black screen, but maybe Tivo has changed a setting or something. After a few minutes, I realize I’m just not getting the picture anymore. And now I can’t get it to reconnect. I must know which girl he chose! (and maybe I need to get my own Tivo for Patrick’s tv, too)

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  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, I could feel my face turning red as I read this. Just kidding. 🙂 I didnt even check to see if you were on. I can usually tell. Sometimes when I get ready in the morning, I have time to waste. But I cant run the vacuum so I watch TV. It’s kind of fun knowing we can watch TV together! By the way, he picked Tessa. (the brunette)Have a great day! Cant wait to see you!!

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