monkeying around

All I can think about today is Kaitlyn. Every few minutes I stop what I’m doing and think “I wonder what she’s doing now.”

                        Today, Kaitlyn is on her first field trip. Her class went to the zoo. I could have gone, but I didn’t. Kaitlyn told me the trip is just for the kids and teachers. I didn’t let the whim of a four year old dictate my decision to check the “non, je ne peux pas aller” box on the form. I hope I didn’t. But I did let her lack of support let me off the hook. As much as I wanted to go, I was just plain afraid that some 4 year old would have something important to communicate and I wouldn’t be able to help because I can’t understand enough French.

                    Still, this morning when the kids were all gathering at the school waiting for the bus to arrive, I kind of regretted my hesitation. They all had their little backpacks filled with snacks and lunches, they had on their hats to keep from getting sunburned, and the threat of rain had jackets stuffed into the sacks.

                    When the bus arrived, the kids walked outside in pairs to get on board. They’ll apparently spend the day in those pairs. Two kids per each adult. Kaitlyn and her buddy sat right up front. But then Kaitlyn was moved, because someone whose Mom fears carsickness (it’s been an issue in the past) got to sit in the prime seat. Kaitlyn didn’t seem bothered. But then I couldn’t see where she was, to wave bye.

                        It’s starting to thunder here. I hope she’s ok. She’s never been afraid of storms. I hope this isn’t the day she lets it get to her. I hope she remembers her jacket is in her backpack.

                        I hope she ate the lunch I packed (a jelly sandwich cut out in the shape of a K, a hard boiled egg – already peeled, carrot slices and red pepper slices. Her snack was strawberries.)

                    I hope she will tell me all about her trip to the zoo.

                    I hope next time there’s a field trip I’m not too chicken to go along.

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