what are those ladies doing?

Rather than just hang out on the boat, we joined a few others for an evening cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. Naturally, getting there meant a long walk. And we barely got there in time, but we made it. The tour wasn’t spectacular. But we did find out that at least one car a week drives off the road and into the canals. (we’d wondered about that when we saw how close to the edge of the road cars park) Kaitlyn put her head down on my lap for part of the ride but when she realized she might doze off, she sat up and managed to stay awake.

                If she’d been asleep, we’d have taken a taxi back to the barge. Since she was awake (and there were no taxis in sight) we figured we’d walk. The guide asked if we’d want to join them on their path… through the red light district. Everyone is dressed. We won’t be going in any place. Kaitlyn won’t realize what’s going on. Bill wanted to see it and felt more comfortable doing so in a group. So we went. Bill carried Kaitlyn on his shoulders and we made our way into the crowd. (duh – red light district on Friday night. Yes, it’s crowded)

                    Kaitlyn may not have understood what she saw but she wanted to know what was going on. After we passed a few windows with barely-dressed women in them shaking their boobies at everyone walking by, Kaitlyn said “Mommy, what are those women doing?” I told her they are trying to get you to spend your money. It’s an accurate answer. She accepted it. Fortunately, our jaunt through the district was short. I saw far more than I wanted to see (offers of “live” shows… products in windows I don’t know what they’re for… and lots of boobies)

                    We should have taken up the offer we’d gotten for some babysitting back on the boat!

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