There’s our Kaitlyn… somewhere!

Kaitlyn performed in her first school concert tonight.

                        I didn’t get to see her. Oh, I was there. I just couldn’t see a darn thing. The whole school performed at the church down the street. The little kids went first. They didn’t stand on the steps or the pulpit… I thought maybe it was some rule of the church’s. You know, like only the priest can stand above the first step. I tried to sort of look around the people in front of me, but we were too far back in the sanctuary for it to matter. Bill tip toed up the aisle to take a few pictures. In them, Kaitlyn appears to be sort of doing her own thing anyway, not so much going along with the group. Seems about right.

                        Three or four groups of the littlest kids sang or danced or banged on sticks or whatever. They all sang too quietly to be heard. And unless you were in the front row or standing in the aisle, you couldn’t see anything.

                        Then the bigger kids got up. And they filed neatly onto the steps. So they could be seen. I’m still trying to figure this out… the four and five year olds stood on the same level as the pews so that no one could see them. The older, bigger kids stood on the steps to make it easier to see (and consequently hear) them. HHHHmmm…… something the little kids’ music teacher might want to consider next time. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, when the bigger kids got up there, all their parents STOOD UP to see them. Uh, hello. The little kids’ parents all just squirmed and craned our necks and tried to politely sneak a peak at our children. The kids who were standing in clear view… their parents just stood up wherever they were. Frustrating. Someone please tell me… is this French or is this just the way parents are at school performances? Because I may need to buy some stilts or something.

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