oh la la, what’ on tv?

Today I woke up with a migraine. I knew it would happen sooner or later. Mostly because I haven’t yet bothered to go fill the prescription for migraine medicine that the doctor here gave me.

                        Getting Kaitlyn ready for school was particularly challenging. Every time she cried, it made the throbbing in my eye throb all the harder. She was tired this morning so she was cranky this morning so there were a few tearful episodes. I finally got her dressed and fed and got her to school. She told me she wanted to paint, not loud enough I thought for anyone to really hear her. But then the teacher assistant leaned down and asked Kaitlyn in French if she wanted to paint and Kaitlyn shook her head yes. So there is some amount of understanding going on there. Fortunately, she was thrilled to paint, so she trotted off with Madame Victoria and waved au revoir to me and that was that.

                        At the pharmacy the owner helped me. He speaks English. I was willing to do the entire transaction in French but I was relieved not to have to, since my head already hurt. Thinking may have caused an actual melt down. The doctor had warned me that the migraine pills are expensive… but so far nothing in the French medical system has really been pricey. The prescription was about 55 Euros. Ok, that is a little high. But I bet that migraine medicine in the US with a co-pay isn’t much better, if at all. Besides, they all know that your head hurts so bad that you’d pay anything your credit card would approve just to make it stop.

                        Back at home, I made a cup of tea. Because tea seems like what you should drink when you don’t feel well. I took the medicine. I discovered the joy of living in a house with shutters over nearly every window. I left them shut and it kept the house dim and cool… the way you want a house to be when your eyeball feels like some one is trying to scoop it out of your head with a dull spoon.

                        Anyway, I figured I needed to just rest while waiting to see if the 55 Euro medicine would work. The doctor warned me that sometimes it doesn’t work the first time you use it. And you are supposed to take it at the first sign of pain, which was last night around 7:30. The time the pharmacy closes. So my procrastination put my recovery at risk.

                        To achieve that rest, I sipped my tea and settled in on the couch with the remote. It seemed like a good time to actually dial through the dozens of channels we do get to see if any of them other than the obvious ones are in English. (The obvious ones are CNN International, CNBC Europe, BBC World and Sky TV. I used to watch news all day long, every day. Now, I’d like to watch SOMETHING ELSE!)

                        Let’s see…. we have a German woman doing “yardwork” in a very short skirt… yardwork requires a lot of bending over… that’s accompanied by a lot of phone numbers on the bottom…. ok… more phone numbers with what looks like a description of a woman desperate for a date… in German…. ah… here’s some phone numbers with a woman talking on the phone and rubbing her bare boobs with her hands… close up on the boobs, mind you…. in German…. the Algerian parliament or legislature or town council…. they are dressed… some Italian guys speaking Italian at a restaurant in New York… Martha Stewart dubbed into I’m not sure what language…. Cuba Tv…. Al Jezeera in Arabic…. and Al Jezeera in English. I stopped on BBC World. At least it was a show highlighting gadgets from a gadget convention instead of news.

                            The medicine worked. I think I saw that entire gadget show. The next thing I knew it was two hours later. I feel sorta dazed and confused, but not in pain. My eye is starting to throb again, but if I take another pill now I’m afraid I’ll be too groggy to figure out how to get to the school to pick Kaitlyn up this afternoon. Maybe Bill can stop at the pizza truck for dinner and I can just pass out right after we eat.

3 Responses to “oh la la, what’ on tv?”

  1. Todd Hollst says:

    My son’s medication here (with my co-pay) still costs me $103. With this “investvest on his future” comes higher grades, better focus, and less mindless chatter at the dinner table. So now, I spend all my money on my son’s meds instead of blowing it on women- and I’m damn glad to do it. 🙂 BUT, I feel your pain.

    Also, I’d like to hear more about the German woman in the short skirt doing yardwork…if you have time. And type slowly….

  2. Patrick says:

    I had the worst headache for two days while in Mammoth. Good thing that Advil we had at the condo worked for me or I would have missed out on some of the best powder skiing in my life! Maybe we’re a little closer than we both thought.

  3. Patrick says:

    Maybe you should get Todd the phone numbers from that show!

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