Il neige… beaucoup!

Since getting home from the language exchange today, I’ve started to grow concerned about getting back out to get Kaitlyn from school this afternoon. I have been home about two and a half hours. And in that time, about 4 inches of snow has fallen. It was just starting to stick to things as I pulled into the driveway. Now, everything has a thick coating of white. And it isn’t stopping. It is forecast to keep snowing through Wednesday!

                Bill left this afternoon on his first business trip from here. Naturally. If it gets deep enough to need chains I hope we’re already home safely, because I can’t put the chains on my tires! I volunteered to bake cupcakes for Kaitlyn’s little church group tomorrow night. I hope I can deliver them.

                I hope the snow plow drivers plan to put in a little more than 35 hours this week!

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