Heeeeeeeere’s Kaitlyn!

                    I’m not sure exactly what our dinner guests last night thought of their dining experience Chez Radeline. If they were to write a review, they might say the food was good (yes, the company stew was perfect) but the ambiance left something to be desired.

                After the main course, the kids were playing in the family room and the grown ups were sitting around the table chatting. Kaitlyn had cried a couple of times that the bigger kids didn’t play with her.

                Then, she started to complain that her stomach hurt. I thought she was just trying to get attention because the whole play thing was still not going her way. Oh, was I ever wrong. Holding her tummy, she opened her mouth and, well, threw up all over the couch. Then while she was trying to get to the bathroom, she threw up all over the floor, dangerously close to our guests shoes all lined up in a neat row.

                The good thing about having guests with children is that they simply sat and talked to each other while Bill and I cleaned up Kaitlyn and the couch and the floor and whatever else fell victim to her tummy troubles.

                Once she was changed and lying down, it was back to serving dessert and coffee like it was just another ordinary event at any dinner. Luckily it’s not and luckily the guests were understanding. The raspberry tart from the boulangerie was a hit, as was the frothy coffee from the Tassimo. Yes, Kaitlyn did say she wanted some tart. Luckily, she got distracted playing and skipped it.

                After they left (and the getting sick stayed), I offered to sit on the couch with Kaitlyn, so I could watch her. I’m terrified she will throw up and not sit up and choke. Granted, any day of the year she could get sick in the middle of the night and I don’t sit up every night staring at her. But once she’s started to get sick, I, well, panic a bit.

                She felt so sick that I chose a tv show to watch and she not only didn’t complain she didn’t even comment. I’d seen an ad for the Tonight Show on MSNBC Europe at some time I didn’t understand… like “central European time.” I had to dial through like a million German channels to find it, but once I did it was apparently “central European time.”

                The Tonight Show was on, and it was still in the monologue. From that, I figured out that the show was from Tuesday. All the commercial breaks were edited out, which was a bit odd, but not in a bad way.

                After that, Conan O’Brien came on. That was horrible. It was so bad, it allowed me to doze off. Apparently sometime after that, they showed a poker tournament. Bill watched that and he ended up staying up until around 2. Around 2:30 I was back up with a sick little girl.

                Oh, well, something came of the evening. I never used to watch the Tonight Show at home, but it felt so normal to sit on the couch and watch an American show. Too bad I didn’t look at the clock to see what time it was.

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