Good Question

It’s amazing how the mind of a four year old works.

                        Today we took a drive to check out an “easy” walk I’d found in a book of hikes in the Chartreuse mountains. It was about 45 minutes from the house and included a small stretch on a toll road. At the toll booth, naturally, the transaction is conducted in French. As we were pulling away, Kaitlyn asked what the man said. Then she asked us how he learned to speak French.

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  1. Branson says:

    Hey Mandy- hope this finds y’all well. (How do you say “y’all” in French? It is southern France so they should have a translation.)

    I really enjoy your blog- thanks for giving us a glimpse of life in France! Brings back some great memories of coffee in Place Victor Hugo and our time in Villard de Lans and Pontcharra. I think we went through the same toll on the A41 that you’re talking about near the Chartreuse. That was where I tried to impress Loree by asking the toll worker “how much” in mangled French and being laughed off the road when I couldn’t understand the answer.

    We’re planning to be in Paris and Normandy in mid-late August. Would be great to see you all. And I’m buying some Nutella tomorrow- might as well get used to it now right?

    Take care of yourselves- Branson (P.S. Love your cars!)

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